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1. Only people over 18 are eligible to vote.
A. honest B.qualified
C. enabled D.clever
2. The latest car model embodies the new research development.
A. lists B. includes
C. borrows D.broadens
3. The coastal area has very mild winter, but the central plains remain extreme
A. severe B.hard
C.warm D. dry
4. She is an artist whose work will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.
A. grade B.attract
C. bear D. suffer
5. He wore a shabby thin overcoat in the cold winter so that he fell ill.
A.old B.big
C. new D.small
6. The weather was so gorgeous thatmany people went outing.
A. uncontrollable B. pleasant
C. cloudy D. unbearable
7. Competitors must abide by thejudge's decision
A. keep B. read
C. understand D. obey
8. The umbrella was ingeniously devised to fold up into the pocket.
A. seriously B. cleverly
C. attentively D. carefully
9. Some newspapers in the west are notably biased.
A.especially B.wholly
C. totally D. fairly
10. His answers were obscure and confusing.
A.unclear B.obvious
C. clear D. direct
11. The way she looked after her youngsister was really touching
A. disturbing B. connecting
C.moving D.waving
12. We are worried about this fluid situation full with uncertainty.
A. stable B. suitable
C.changeable D.adaptable
13. They have built canals to irrigatethe desert.
A. decorate B.change
C. visit D.water
14. The details of the costume were totally authentic.
A. outstanding B. real
C. creative D. false
15. The new garment fits her perfectly.
Aclothes B.haircut
C. purse D.necklace

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Income tax

For many young Americans, graduating from college means finding a job, moving out of the dorm room and beginning to register one's annual earnings with the US government.
That last item is the law, though sometimes it's a hassle(难事)to obey.
Independent tax advisor Bob Gilbert calls the US income tax system "amazingly complicated". But he adds that "very little of the complicated tax law applies to young people who are just beginning their careers". According to Gilbert, 80 to 90 percent of Americans are not really burdened by the system's complications.
Still, all the numbers and forms can be a little confusing to those who are just starting their careers. Some pull out their calculators and try to do the math alone. Some use income tax software. Others just hand the whole responsibility over to tax firms like Gilbert's. According to income tax law expert Linda Beale, young people will often follow their parents' lead when filling their income forms.
"Young people who grow up in wealthy households typically use professional tax services because their parents have always done so," said Beale, a professor at Wayne State University in Michigan State.
"On the other hand, most poorer young people probably try to do their own taxes, unless they want a quick 'refund' with the help of a tax advisor".
In fact, obeying the law has its benefits. For one, many young people can expect a tax refund. This means that, over the course of the year, they have paid too much in monthly federal or state taxes and are entitled to the difference.
Bob Thalman, a 20-year-old university student, expects he will get a refund of about 100, which will probably go in the bank, or perhaps be used to pay for car insurance or credit card bills.
Thalman called the whole process a "hassle", but added that he didn't wat to test the law by not filling his income tax papers.
"I'm worried about what would happen if I failed to file," he said. "I know one individual who did not report his income tax for many years, and he's now in federal prison. I certainly don’t want that."
16. A college student with a part-time job is not required to file an income tax form.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Not mentioned
17. The US income tax system does not wholly apply to a college graduate who is just beginning his or her career.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Not mentioned
18. It's pretty easy for a beginner to report his or her income tax.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Not mentioned
19. When young people file their income tax form, they will often follow in their parents' footsteps.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Not mentioned
20. Young people from poorer families needn't file their income tax forms.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Not mentioned
21. If one has failed to report his or her income tax for quite a few years, he or she may be put in prison.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Not mentioned
22. The US income tax system will be simplified in the next few years.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Not mentioned

下面的短文后有2项测试任务:(1)第2326题要求从所给的6个选项中为第25 段每段选择1个最佳标题;(2)第2730题要求从所给的6个选项中为每个句子确定1个最佳选项。

Tunguska Event

1 A hundred years ago this week, a gigantic explosion ripped (撕裂) open the day above a forest in western Siberia, leaving a scientific riddle that endures to this day.
2 A dazzling light pierced the heavens,followed by a shock wave as strong as 1,000 atomic bombs. The explosion flattened 80 million trees across an area of 2,000 square kilometers. The fireball was so great that, a day later, Londoners could read their newspapers under the night sky. What caused the so-called Tunguska Event, named after the nearby Podkamennaya Tunguska river, still remains a mystery.
3 Experts suspect it was a rock that, after traveling in space for millions of years, was destined to crash to Earth at exactly 7:17 a.m. on June 30, 1908. This possibility worries scientists.“Imagine an unspotted asteroid (
小行星) hitting a significant chunk() of land ... and imagine if that area, unlike Tunguska, were populated,” the British science journal Nature commented recently.
4 But no fragments of the “rock” have ever been found. Finding such evidence would be important, for it would increase our knowledge about the risk posed by dangerous Near Earth Objects (NEOs), say Italian researchers Luca Gasperini, Enrico Bonatti and Giuseppe Longo. When the next Tunguska NEO approaches, scientists will have to decide whether to try to deflect (
使偏转) it or blow it up in space.
5 However, several rival theories for the Tunguska Event exist. Wolfgang Kundt, a professor at Germany's Bonn University,believes the Tunguska Event was caused by a massive escape of 10 million tons of methane(
甲烷)-rich gas from deep within earth's crust. Some people hold that the explosion was caused by an alien spaceship crash, or a black hole in the universe.
23. Paragraph 2 C
24. Paragraph 3 F
25. Paragraph 4 E
26. Paragraph 5 A
A. Competing Explanations
B. Unknown Attacks
C. Mysterious Explosion
D. Star War
E. Importance of Finding Evidence
F. Explanation that Worries Scientists

27. The gigantic explosion that occurred a hundred years ago A
28. The shock wave which followed the dazzling light D
29. The hypothesis that the explosion was caused by a rock colliding with the Earth B
30. Wolfgang Kundt, who has developed an alternative theory C
A. has remained a puzzle
B. lacks sufficient evidence
C. is a university professor
D. was generated by the explosion
E. will kill many animals
F. are attacked by aliens


Sports Star Yao Ming

If Yao Ming is not the biggest sports star in the world, he is almost certainly the tallest. At 2.26m, he is the tallest player in the National Association (NBA) and holds the record as the most towering Olympian ever to compete in the Games.
But what really stands out about the giant center is his celebrity (
名气). Few, if any, Chinese athletes are as well-known as Yao around the world. People across the globe are fascinated with Yao, not only for his basketball prowess (杰出的才能) but also for being a symbol of international commerce.
When Yao joined the Houston Rockets as the No. 1 pick in the 2002 NBA draft (
选拔), he was the first international player ever to be selected first. His assets on the court are clear enough — no NBA player of his size has ever possessed his mobility, so he isa handful (难对付的人)for opponents on either end of the court. But what makes Yao invaluable to the Rockets organization is his role as a global citizen and as abridge to millions of potential basketball fans in China.
When it was announced in February that Yao would miss the rest of the NBA season and possibly the Olympics with a stress fracture (
骨折)in his left foot, a collective shudder (震动) spread across China. After considerable debate and discussion, Yao opted to get his foot surgically treated in an operation that placed several tiny screws across the bone, to offer his overburdened foot more support. The surgery was a success,and though the estimated four-month recovery period will leave him little time to prepare with Team China, Yao has vowed to be ready for the Beijing Olympics.
Yao wrapped up a 10-day trip to China,where he underwent a series of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments, hoping to accelerate his recovery process. Western experts are generally skeptical of TCM's benefits, although new research from the university of Rochester suggests that a certain compound derived from shellfish may speed stimulate bone repair.
“There is no reason to dismiss TCM,"Yao told a press conference in Beijing. “It’s been used in our country for thousands of years. I don't think that it’s short on science.”
31. The word "towering" in Paragraph 1 means
A. Iarge.
B. fat.
C. tall.
D. great.
32. Opponents find it very difficult to control Yao Ming because of his
A. mobility.
B. assault
C. defense.
D. celebrity.
33. Yao Ming had to undergo a series of TCM treatments because
A. his right foot had been hurting.
B. he wanted to make a more rapid recovery.
C. the surgical operation had been a failure.
D. he couldn't afford all the medical expenses.
34. Which statement about Yao Ming is NOT true?
A. He missed the Athens Olympics.
B. He is an NBA player.
C. He fractured his left foot.
D. He is an international figure.
35. In general, the Western experts' attitude towards TCM is
A. indifferent.
B. positive.
C. negative.
D. doubtful.


Black Holes Trigger Stars to Self-Destruct

Scientists have long understood that super massive black holes weighing millions or billions of suns can tear apart stars that come too close. The black hole's gravity pulls harder on the nearest part of the star, an imbalance that pulls the star apart over a period of minutes or hours, once it gets close enough.
Scientists say this uneven pulling is not the only hazard facing the star. The strain of these unbalanced forces can also trigger a nuclear explosion powerful enough to destroy the star from within. Matthieu Brassart and Jean-Pierre Luminet of the Observatoire de Paris in Meudon, France, carried out computer simulations of the final moments of such an unfortunate star's life, as it veered towards a super massive black hole.
When the star gets close enough, the uneven forces flatten it into a pancake shape. Some previous studies had suggested this flattening would increase the density and temperature inside the star enough to trigger intense nuclear reactions that would tear it apart. But other studies had suggested that the picture would be complicated by shock waves generated during the flattening process and that no nuclear explosion should occur.
The new simulations investigated the effects of shock waves in detail, and found that even when their effects are included, the conditions favor a nuclear explosion. "There will be an explosion of the star — it will be completely destroyed," Brassart says. Although the explosion obliterates the star, it saves some of the star's matter from being devoured by the black hole. The explosion is powerful enough to hurl much of the star's matter out of the black hole's reach, he says.
The devouring of stars by black holes may already have been observed, although at a much later stage. It is thought that several months after the event that rips the star apart, its matter starts swirling into the hole itself. It heats up as it does so, releasing ultraviolet light and X-rays.
If stars disrupted near black holes really do explode, then they could in principle allow these events to be detected at a much earlier stage, says Jules Halpern of Columbia University in New York, US."It may make it possible to see the disruption of that star immediately if it gets hot enough," he says.
Brassart agrees. "Perhaps it can be observed in the X-rays and gamma rays, but it's something that needs to be more studied," he says. Supernova researcher Chris Fryer of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, US , says the deaths of these stars are difficult to simulate, and he is not sure whether the researchers have proven their Case that they explode in the process.
36. Something destructive could happen to a star that gets too close to a black hole.Which of the following destructive statements is NOT mentioned in the passage?
A. The black hole could tear apart the star.
B. The black hole could trigger a nuclear explosion in the star.
C.The black hole could dwindle its size considerably.
D. The black hole could devour the star.
37. According to the third paragraph,researchers differed from each other in the problem of
A.whether nuclear reaction would occur.
B. whether the stars would increase its density and temperature.
C. whether shock waves would occur.
D. whether the uneven forces would flatten the stars.
38. According to the fourth paragraph,which of the following is NOT true?
A. No nuclear explosion would be triggered inside the star.
B. The star would be destroyed completely.
C. Much of the star’s matter thrown by the explosion would be beyond the black hole’s reach.
D.The black hole would completely devour the star.
39. What will happen several months after the explosion of the star?
A. The star’s matter will move further away from by the black hole.
B. The black hole’s matter will heat up.
C.The torn star’s matter will swirl into the black hole.
D. The black hole’s matter will release ultraviolet light and X-rays.
40. According to the context,the word “disruption”in Paragraph 6 means
A. “Confusion.”
B. “Tearing apart.”
C. “Interruption.”
D. “Flattening.”


Don’t Count on Dung

Conservationists(自然保护主义者) may be miscalculating the numbers of the threatened animals such as elephants, say African and American researchers. The error occurs because of a flaw in the way they estimate animal numbers from the piles of dung() the creatures leave behind.
The mistake could lead researchers to think that there are twice as many elephants as there really are in some regions,according to Andrew Plumptre of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in New York.
Biologist Katy Payne of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, agrees. “We really need to know elephant numbers and the evidence that we have is quite indirect,” says Payne, who electronically tracks elephants.
Counting elephants from planes is impossible in the vast rainforests of Central Africa. So researchers often estimate elephant numbers by counting dung piles in a given area. They also need to know the rate at which dung decays: Because it’s extremely difficult to determine these rates, however, researchers counting elephants in one region tend to rely on standard decay rates established elsewhere.
But researchers at the WCS have found that this decay rate varies from region to region depending on the climate and environment. Using the wrong values can lead the census astray(
离开正道), says Plumptre.
He and his colleague Anthony Chifu Nchanji studied decaying elephant dung in the forests of Cameroon. They found that the dung decayed between 55 and 65 per cent more slowly than the dung in the rainforests of neighbouring Gabon. If researchers use decay rates from Gabon to count elephants in Cameroon, they would probably find more elephants than are actually around. This could mean estimates in Cameroon are at least twice as high as those derived from decay rates calculated locally, says Plumptre. “However accurate your dung density estimate might be, the decay rate can severely affect the result.”
Plumptre also says that the dung-pile census should be carried out over a region similar in size to an elephant’s natural range. The usual technique of monitoring only small, protected areas distorts numbers because elephants move in and out of these regions, he says ”If the elephant population increases within the protected area, you can not determine whether it is a real increase or whether it is due to elephants moving in because they are being poached(
入侵偷猎) outside.”
Plumptre says that similar problems may also affect other animal census studies that rely on indirect evidence such as nests, tracks or burrows(

41. The word "threatened" in the first sentence of the first paragraph could be best replaced by
B. "frightened".
C. "killed".
D. "angered".
42. Piles of dung can't be relied upon when it comes to estimating elephant numbers because
A. they are different in size.
B. they scatter all over the region.
C.they are different in decay rate.
D. they are different in quality.
43. Why do researchers estimate elephant numbers in an area by counting dung piles?
A. Because elephants are difficult to catch.
B.Because it is not possible to count elephants from a plane.
C. Because it is not possible to keep track of elephants.
D. Because elephants are shy animals.
44. According to Plumptre, the region over which a dung-pile census is carried out should be
A. small enough.
B. well protected.
C. carefully monitored.
D.large enough.
45. The first word "He" in paragraph 6 refers to
A.Andrew Plumptre.
B. Katy Payne.
C. Anthony Chifu Nchanji.
D. the writer of the article.

Ceremonial (
仪式性的) bathing has existed for thousands of years and has many forms, one of which is the sauna.The Finns have perfected the steam bath, or sauna, which may be taken, usually in an enclosed room, by pouring water over hot rocks or as a dry heat bath. The Japanese, Greeks, Turks and Russians as well as Native Americans have forms of the sweat bath in their bathing rituals. (46) Dry heat and steam baths had advocates in ancient Rome and pre-Columbian Americans used sweat lodges.
The earliest saunas were probably underground caves heated by a fire that naturally filled with smoke as chimney making was unknown at that time. A fire kept in a fire-pit would heat the rock walls of the cave. After reaching full heat, the smoke was let out of the cave and the stones would retain heat for several hours. A few people today say that the smoke sauna, “savusauna”, is the only true sauna experience and that all saunas should have at least a background odor or smoke. (47) Today most saunas use electric stoves, although gas and wood-burning stoves are available.
Saunas are relaxing and stress relieving.Those with muscle aches or arthritis (
关节炎) may find that the heat relaxes muscles and relieves pain and inflammation (炎症). Asthma (气喘) patients find that the heat enlarges air passageways of the lung and facilitates breathing. Saunas do not cure the common cold but they may help to alleviate congestion (阻塞) arid speed recovery time. The body’s core temperature usually rises a 1-2 degrees while in the sauna, thus imitating a slight fever. (48)The sauna could be considered to follow the old saying “feed a cold, starve a fever”. The regular use of a sauna may decrease the likelihood of getting a cold in the first place.
Sauna is good for your skin as the blood flow to the skin increases and sweating occurs. Adults sweat about 2 lbs of water per hour on average in a sauna. A good sweat removes dirt and grime from pores and gives the skin a healthy glow. The loss in water weight is temporary as the body’s physiological mechanisms will quickly restore proper volumes. The cardio vascular system gets a work out as the heart must pump harder and faster to move blood to the surface for heat exchange. (49) Heart rate may increase from 72 beats per minute on average to 100-150 beats per minute.
A normal heart can handle these stresses but those with heart trouble wishing to begin to use a sauna should seek a doctor’s advice. The elderly and those with diabetes should check with their doctor prior to beginning to take saunas. Pregnant women should not take saunas, particularly in the first three months. (50) Indeed, everyone just starting out should take short sessions at first to become accustomed to this type of bath.

The Origins of Jazz Music
Music comes in many forms; most countries have a style of their own. At the turn of the last century, (51) jazz was born, America had no prominent (52) of its own. Noone knows exactly when it was invented or by whom. But it began to be (53)in the early 1890s. Jazz is America's contribution to (54) music. In contrast to classical music,which (55) formal European traditions, jazz is spontaneous and free in form. It bubbles withenergy, (56) the moods, interests, and emotions of the people. In the 1920s, jazz (57)like America. And so it does today. The (58) of the music are as interesting as the music itself. American Negroes, or blacks, as they are called today,were the jazz pioneers. They were brought to the southern states (59) slaves. They were sold to plantation owners and forced to work long hours. When a Negro died his friends and relatives(60) a procession (
行列) to carrythe body to the cemetery. In New Orleans, a band often accompanied the (61).On the way to the cemetery the band played slow, solemn (严肃的) music suited to the occasion. (62) on the way home the mood changed. Spirits lifted. Death had removed one of their number, but the living were glad to be (63). The band played (64) music, improvising on both theharmony and the melody of the tunes (65) at the funeral. This music madeeveryone want to dance. It was an early form of jazz.
51. A. while B. when C. since D. as
52. A. music B. songs C. melodies D. tunes
53. A. listened B. noticed C. heard D. found
54. A. classical B. sacred C. popular D. serious
55. A. introduces B. follows C. takes D. approaches
56. A. disclosing B. explaining C. expressing D.exposing
57. A. sounded B. felt C. looked D. seemed
58. A. discoveries B. originals C. resources D. origins
59. A. like B. for C. as D. by
60. A. composed B. formed C. hosted D. demonstrated
61. A. body B. demonstration C. procession D. march
62. A. Furthermore B.Similarly C. But D. Therefore
63. A. live B. alive C. life D. there
64. A. sad B. solemn C. happy D. funeral
65. A. sung B. showed C. played D. expressed

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